7 Minute Bingo

What is 7 Minute Bingo? I’m so glad you asked! So named by my hubby, 7 Minute Bingo is what I use to clean my house! I’ve told several of my friends about it but when I try to explain, I just get looked at like I’m crazy. (Well earned, I know, but not for this I promise!). This is by far the best way I have ever cleaned my house. It began when my friend told me about flylady.net. She has a blog about keeping your house clean. She does this bingo on Facebook sometimes but I’m rarely able to catch it right when she does it. I don’t follow her super closely but she’s very popular and has come out with some cleaning utensils that I plan on purchasing in the future. I’ll let you know how they come out!

So here’s what you do:

~ Make a numbered list of things that need to be done in your house. Below is a picture of my list.image

I made it pretty just for you guys 🙂 I usually just make a list in my notes on my Iphone and put a thumbs up or star next to the ones I complete (on a side note rant, why do they not have a check mark emoji? They have poop for goodness sake…have I missed it?)

~ Pick a partner! My friend Allison and I usually take a couple of hours out of the week to play Bingo. I don’t do it nearly as much as I need to, but my house can be spotless in no time. Tell them how many items your have. If Allison’s busy and my house is that desperate, I usually get my mom to pick numbers for me 🙂

~ Your partner chooses one of your numbers and you choose one of theirs. She doesn’t know what items I have. This keeps me from putting off cleaning the toilets for I don’t know how long.

~ Set the timer for 7 minutes. Work on that item and that item only for the 7 minutes. I don’t know about you guys but I have cleaning ADD something awful! I start picking up in one room, go to put that away, notice a big mess and start cleaning that up. I end up making more of a mess than I had to start with. Some items can be extensive. When that happens, I just do it twice in a row.

~ Repeat picking items until you’re finished.

You can make this as basic or detailed as you desire. If it’s spring cleaning and you need to do base boards, add that to your list (don’t look at my base boards if you’re at my house, I don’t do them :). I’ve added things as simple as carrying boxes to my garage because I usually just forget during the day. This really does work guys! It’s such a time saver! I can spend all day cleaning my house or do what I need in a couple of hours. Laundry is a completely different story.  If there is a fun way to clean a house, (really, only crazy people enjoy cleaning right?) this is it! Go try it! Right now! 😀


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