Mrs. W, the Preacher’s Wife?


Ok, so, wow, I have lots to talk about! I guess that’ll happen when you’ve gone so long (sorry Grams!) BUT when you have so much going on, blogging tends to take a back seat…unless that’s part of what’s going on. Anyway!


So I was gonna post a bunch of pictures, like of the wreath I finally finished for summer (it’s mid-ish July…that’s not TERRible). Pictures of the kids this summer and all that. But, I’m on my laptop and those pictures aren’t on here. Sorry. Maybe next time 🙂


I get on Pinterest a lot! (Those who know me are always hearing me say “I found this thing on pinterest :)). I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m the Pinterest “Queen” BUT maybe a lady in waiting. I’ve tried to cut back because I do have kids, and a dog (she’s new, forgot to mention her 🙂 and housework, etc. PLUS all the pre projects I’ve already got a list of. The more I get on Pinterest, the larger my list gets! Eeee…so that’s slowed down a lot. Now when I pull it up, it’s mainly to look up something I’ve already pinned (So I say). All that to say, I found this thing on Pinterest, haha…short and sweet. You always have a load of clothes being washed that has SOMEthing in it that can’t be dried, or you need to see if a stain got washed out before you dry, etc. How about writing it on your washer with a dry erase marker? How genius is that? Next load, erase and make your note, or don’t make a note. I’m kinda scatterbrained (I said kinda, no laughing mom :)) so it helps me remember, so I don’t dry something I’m not supposed to! 


We’ve had a lot happen. The new pup (Magnola, Maggie for short)…if I can find a picture, I’ll try to post it. Dubs started back to work full time. He’s really enjoying his job and I’m glad. It is fulfilling to know you’re in God’s will and that HE is providing for us, but at the same time as head of the house and just plain being a man, he feels a lot better knowing God is using him to help provide. I do miss the food at Chik Fil A! Who am I kidding?! We still eat there all the time. Ha! I’m currently doing a 24-Day Challenge by Advocare so I get their grilled nuggets a lot! Simply grilled in salt and pepper and no need for sauce. Unfortunately, I can’t have the fries but their salads are good too. So Dubs did a revival back at the end of June. As I’m sitting there watching him preach, I think to myself, “Wow! Look at him up there. Completely in his element. It’s obvious what he’s been called to do.” Now I am a totally different story. Wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “ready” to be a preacher’s wife, but oftentimes, I’m not “ready” to do things and end up having to just jump in. (For instance, the fact that I love to sing and DO sing in our praise team at church (with several others) but when it’s my turn for a solo, whoa…NOT ready!) I know where my place is and where he goes I will go. It’s that simple. I think it’s all those pre-existing notions of “what’s expected” from a preacher’s wife that I’m freaked out about. And I still think of myself as 21 🙂 so I’m wayyyy too young! It’s not like it’s gonna happen tomorrow. Dubs is still the children’s pastor and doesn’t feel lead to give that up just yet, but it’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll be ready by then 🙂 or not. 


Speaking of feeling old…..huh? The hubs and I had a chance to go to Six Flags (over Georgia) on July 5th. What a treat! We both love roller coasters and all that. We found a sitter for the youngins (because a 6 yr old can ride some rides, but not enough to pay 40 bucks for his ticket! and a 3 and 1 yr old would just be hot and miserable and so would we because we’d have to sit with them while the other went on the ride…ok, I’m done trying to make myself feel better :)). The day held a 60 – 80% chance of rain!! We decided to still go. Got there just as the park was opening and started around the park. It barely rained…not enough to shut the rides down but enough to keep it cooler outside. Much appreciated! The Batman is a fun roller coaster but we always come off of that one a little dizzy. I at least, feel like I’m walking sideways. That was the third one (roller coaster) we road. We had already hit the Dare Devil Dive and Goliath (best one…lots of hills but no loops). Smooth, I guess 🙂 For some INSANE reason, we decided to get on the Scream Machine. I think my eyes were watering when we got off that thing. Dubs said his chest hurt. It’s one of those old wooden roller coaster (opposite of smooth). It beat the MESS out of us! We road the Superman. Which, for a roller coaster is pretty genius. They strap your legs in (as well as your harness) and tip you forward like you’re flying. Pretty cool huh? That was lots of fun. Then you have the 60 seconds of hanging that way waiting to get off the thing. I was sweatin! Ha. After eating lunch and riding more rides, etc, etc, the skies opened up around 5 and it poured! We had just ridden the Grand River Rapids (if it’s actually called that) and were the ones under the waterfall….how does that always happen?! 🙂 so we were already drenched. It didn’t bother us to walk around out there but the rides were shut off. We had a great day just spending time together! Pretty much road all the rides we wanted to. Wait times were awesome. But after feeling like we’d let someone beat us up with a baseball bat, we decided to get something for the kids and walk back to the car. Very thankful! But wow, did I feel old! 



Here she is! She’s really little here and gotten a lot taller. Part Warlock Doberman (half Dobie, half Rotty) and part Terrier. We don’t know how big she’ll get. She is cute but I’m not very patient. Especially when it comes to potty training. But the kids love her of course 🙂 And this is the first dog that Dubs really likes. 


Adieu! Until next time 🙂 


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  1. She is cute. I am not loving potty training our dog either but he mostly stays in the backyard. He comes inside and stays in the bathroom some and then a crate at night.

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