My Life is Never Dull!



So! Every time I think I may update this here blog, I get side tracked with the many things that happen in my life…Numero Uno being laundry. It does not end!!! Not that you ladies need to be reminded, I’m sure!! 😀

I’m just so happy today!! I woke up this morning and put my armor on. (Thank you, Lord for the reminder). Another reason I could jump up and down (except I won’t because my shins hurt, haha) is that I ran 4 miles! What?! I’ve never run that far in my life! I’m super excited! Daddy is teaching me how to walk in love and it’s a humbling but awesome experience! There’s so much joy in NOT getting angry with someone and you’re just happier! I ran out of gas a couple weeks ago. Instead of getting angry that it’s after 9 p.m. and I have my three kids in the car, and I can’t get W to help me because he went camping that night, I was thankful that a policeman came up behind me (although made me nervous at first…any other time a police officer was behind me, I was getting in trouble! ha) and sat with me until my friend brought me gas. I sat there 20 minutes. Maybe. If he wasn’t able to get to me, I could call me parents. Daddy, always protects, always guides. I was also thankful I didn’t take the interstate that night! I almost did. Then a couple days later, I’m standing in line at Walmart to get some groceries. The man behind me had a 2 liter Dr. Pepper and as I was paying for my stuff, it tipped over and started spraying my feet. So the cashier says “oh, is it leaking?” Picks it up and sprays directly at me 🙂 At least it was a good flavor although I don’t drink much soda anymore.

I’ve been trying to run every other day to get ready for the “Mud Run” June 8th. The first two miles are NOT fun! After that, though, it’s pretty easy (at least it felt easier). Then there’s a color run in Sept some time where you wear a white tshirt and they throw colors on you as you run. It sounds so fun! So I’m excited about that. 

I’ve also been dabbling in making some jewelry. I found a new style called steam punk that incorporates Victorian with gears, etc. Image

Some have some pretty green jewels, wings and tons of other things. I have a new fascination with keys 🙂 And I like my dandy little earring holder display. I need to make a bigger one for all of mine! 

We took away Lacey’s pacifier. That has been an ordeal. Taking naps has become a little more difficult. When she does fall asleep, she doesn’t sleep as long. Making my window for accomplishing things at nap time much smaller. Who needs to mop the floors anyway? 

Excited for May 17th! Who knew I would be a Trekkie when I grew up 🙂 Next Generation being the best of course. Been re-watching all the episodes. I find it interesting that the show came out when I was two 🙂 But I’m a Daddy’s girl, e’er go a sci-fi fan 🙂 Yes, I like Star Wars too. And all the superhero movies 🙂 

Am I really going to be 28 this year? We’ve also got a Belize trip coming this summer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go this time. Hopefully I will 🙂 I know, I still need to post the days I haven’t yet. I’ll get on that…maybe 🙂 

I’m excited about the things happening in our lives. God is always good. His love never fails! 

See you next time 🙂




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2 responses to “My Life is Never Dull!

  1. You made those earrings? Those are gorgeous!

  2. I would love to do the color run but I haven’t ran much in years.

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