The Domino Effect


Day 5 of Mission Belize

We woke up that morning to ham, eggs and some kind of cornmeal cake for breakfast. Breakfast was great every morning there. We left to go for our last day of VBS. About 30 more children accepted Christ. What an awesome way to begin the day! The baby girl who was healed came back with her mama as well.



We were invited back to Pastor Juan and Candilaria’s house for a “Mayan party”. She fixed a huge pot of “Maya Soup”.


The Mayans have these peppers they like to spice up their food with. Again, “mayan peppers” :). They were supposedly really hot. Gregorio told us if we were going to try it, to try very little. They were crushed so they were in powder form. I expected W to try it but he declined so I decided to try some. I put a tiny bit in my soup and couldn’t taste it much (was obviously not enough) so I put a good bit more. They definitely brought some heat! But it wasn’t the same kind of heat as hot sauce. Finally talked W into trying it 🙂



Candy also made homemade tortillas. They didn’t have anything but corn and water in them and they were perfect! Americans are used to “flavoring” things with salt or whatever. So at first I thought they were a little bland but they grew on me, ha. I ate several! Check this out:


How awesome do those look?! They grind the corn and make cornmeal and just add water. Crazy.

Anyway, after our Mayan party, the guys finished up with the side of the church and W played soccer with the boys. Later, Bro. Jerrel, W, and Phillip went to pastor school. Ms. Sue and I decided to play some dominoes while we waited for them. There is something all of you should know….::sigh:: it’s so disappointing to say this, but……

MS. Sue CHEATS! I don’t have any hard incriminating evidence, but I tell you it’s true! Ok, so she won the first game and I won the second. But I think she knew I was onto her and she let me win. It was insane….I won two, TWO! hands in the first game and even the ones I did win, she had very few points. The guys were gone so long we decided to play a second game and were only three hands from finishing when they showed up (there’s 12 hands in a game). We had a great time, though. We would start laughing at nothing and be crying because we were laughing so hard. We can’t even remember what we were laughing at! Ha. We tried to get Max to play but he said he enjoyed watching us more than the game. I can imagine we were comical :).

Once the guys returned, we went over to Gregorio and Flora’s house. She had planned a surprise party for Max’s birthday! How awesome is that?! She had BBQ chicken (which had homemade BBQ sauce and was amazing). She also made a pineapple upside down cake. So good! We had a busy day and ate kind of late so we went to bed stuffed! Ready for church the next day!


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