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The Domino Effect


Day 5 of Mission Belize

We woke up that morning to ham, eggs and some kind of cornmeal cake for breakfast. Breakfast was great every morning there. We left to go for our last day of VBS. About 30 more children accepted Christ. What an awesome way to begin the day! The baby girl who was healed came back with her mama as well.



We were invited back to Pastor Juan and Candilaria’s house for a “Mayan party”. She fixed a huge pot of “Maya Soup”.


The Mayans have these peppers they like to spice up their food with. Again, “mayan peppers” :). They were supposedly really hot. Gregorio told us if we were going to try it, to try very little. They were crushed so they were in powder form. I expected W to try it but he declined so I decided to try some. I put a tiny bit in my soup and couldn’t taste it much (was obviously not enough) so I put a good bit more. They definitely brought some heat! But it wasn’t the same kind of heat as hot sauce. Finally talked W into trying it 🙂



Candy also made homemade tortillas. They didn’t have anything but corn and water in them and they were perfect! Americans are used to “flavoring” things with salt or whatever. So at first I thought they were a little bland but they grew on me, ha. I ate several! Check this out:


How awesome do those look?! They grind the corn and make cornmeal and just add water. Crazy.

Anyway, after our Mayan party, the guys finished up with the side of the church and W played soccer with the boys. Later, Bro. Jerrel, W, and Phillip went to pastor school. Ms. Sue and I decided to play some dominoes while we waited for them. There is something all of you should know….::sigh:: it’s so disappointing to say this, but……

MS. Sue CHEATS! I don’t have any hard incriminating evidence, but I tell you it’s true! Ok, so she won the first game and I won the second. But I think she knew I was onto her and she let me win. It was insane….I won two, TWO! hands in the first game and even the ones I did win, she had very few points. The guys were gone so long we decided to play a second game and were only three hands from finishing when they showed up (there’s 12 hands in a game). We had a great time, though. We would start laughing at nothing and be crying because we were laughing so hard. We can’t even remember what we were laughing at! Ha. We tried to get Max to play but he said he enjoyed watching us more than the game. I can imagine we were comical :).

Once the guys returned, we went over to Gregorio and Flora’s house. She had planned a surprise party for Max’s birthday! How awesome is that?! She had BBQ chicken (which had homemade BBQ sauce and was amazing). She also made a pineapple upside down cake. So good! We had a busy day and ate kind of late so we went to bed stuffed! Ready for church the next day!


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“And the Prayer of Faith Shall Save Them”


Day 4 of Mission Belize. Looking back in my journal, I didn’t have very much written about this day. The crazy thing is that the most powerful thing happened that day. We woke up that morning about the same time as usual. For our meal, we had breakfast burritos and more fresh fruit (usually pineapples and watermelon). We got to VBS around 10:30. More children showed up than the day before, following the pattern of previous days. We had some kids that came every day. (Junior and Roy…always smiling. Wish I had pictures of them! I think Ms. Sue does). Then we had other kids that didn’t come back but new ones in their place. Really beautiful children. They would say “Miss! Miss! Please take my picture!” while they were smiling and so excited about something we take for granted with our kids. I don’t know what they were thinking about when we took the picture because they always got so serious!



Then we’d show them what their picture looked like and they would start giggling. At the end of our VBS lesson, W talked about them needing Jesus. Faith like a child. They were so eager and about 40 of them received Christ.  Just before we closed out for the day, a young lady came in with her baby. She was about a year old, I think. The lady had her bundled up (and it was already warm out) and the baby was sweating a lot. She was sick with fever and had been for a day or two. While Ms. Sue and I finished up, the men prayed over the baby.

James 5:14-16 (KJV)

14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Mark 16: 17-18

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

This woman asked in faith that her child be prayed over. The lady left with her baby and Bro. Jerrel and the guys worked a little more on the side of the church.



Just before we left (about 30 minutes later) the woman came back. The baby was wide awake and no fever! Praise God for his healing!!

Next Bro. Jerrel took us to go see a river that had flooded because of all the rain that had come in (which was also why it wasn’t 105 degrees when we got there).



The bridge we were sitting on was almost the width of the van. And the water was just a foot or two short from coming up to the bridge. We also drove through another banana plantation. I don’t remember which number it was. But we didn’t tour the thing like we did with Farm 4. There are several, several banana plantations out there.

We went back to camp and Bro. Jerrel and W went to Pastor School. Ms. Sue stayed with Flora and Max, Phillip, and I had empanadas with cherry and oreo cheesecake for dessert! After dinner, Phillip had me teach him mexican train dominoes. We played for a bit then went to bed!

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Look at What I Made!!!

So, I decided to try a new recipe for dinner. I like to do that every once in a while. I always underestimate how long it will actually take to do it. You know, the first time you try a new recipe, it always takes longer than planned because you have to go back and keep reading it to make sure you’re doing it correctly. We decided to have Stuffed Shells for dinner. But not just any stuffed shells!! These were MEXICAN stuffed shells. Nico loves mexican (if you cut out all of the peppers and onions. Haha, it’s true! I know, and I like Mexican? I’m eating them more often now, though…trying to get over the pickiness). This is what it looked like:

I found the recipe for it here:

The hubs likes it. The kids didn’t “not” like it. I think it was a little spicy (mental note: use mild salsa next go round). It even had peppers and onions it it! In the salsa anyway 🙂 Hehe.

Lacey wanted some too but I didn’t think it being that spicy, that she should have it. Speaking of Lacey….I decided to fix the boys mac n cheese for lunch. Generally, they have mac n cheese or grilled cheese. Only because they all like it and it just goes easier that way.

See? They all like mac n cheese :). So I start looking for Lacey because I haven’t heard her in a few minutes. The little stinker was under the table, standing at their feet, waiting for them to drop food! Really?!

Who needs a dog when you have Lace (she’s way cuter anyway). She helps me keep my floors cleaner! (I pick up a lot more when she’s crawling around…she finds EVERYTHING!). She really likes mac n cheese too!

No! She didn’t eat it off the floor! I gave her some! She apparently loves marshmallows too 🙂

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Monkey Business

Day 3 of our trip to Belize. We woke up to a breakfast of fresh pineapples, pancakes and eggs. On our way home the day before, we drove up behind a truck full of pineapples. We asked them to pull over so we could buy some from them. In the states, pineapples are at least $3 each. We got eight of them for $5 Belize. So all eight of them cost less than one in the states. Wow.

We went to Trio for VBS. More children showed up on our second day. W took the boys and played soccer with them while Ms. Sue taught the girls. In five minutes he came back for bug spray because his legs were getting eaten up.  Ms. Sue taught on the woman at the well. That was the only day we split the kids up. It didn’t really work out that well and ended up taking up more time. We had some Old Navy flip flops that Max had brought down. We decided to hand them out that day instead of later because we didn’t know how many kids would show up over the next couple of days and didn’t want to run out. It felt good and frustrating at the same time. We could only give one pair to each child but the mothers kept coming up for more. My flesh kept saying “I can’t believe how selfish they’re being” while the Holy Spirit said “show grace, they don’t have much”. It was difficult. I’m a person that likes quiet not chaos. You can imagine that many kids with no way of planning what you’re going to do ahead of time would be chaotic. You would think that as much as I don’t like chaos, that I would plan things ahead of time (in my own life, I mean) and be on time places…ha. I try, really. It was very humbling as well, when handing these kids pencils. They were so excited to get a pencil.

After VBS, while the men worked on the side of the church, Ms. Sue, Micah and myself took Tricia and Ingrid home. Ms. Sue reminds me of my mom in the sense that she likes to explore. Whenever my family would move to a new place, mom wanted to drive around, explore and see where things were, what kind of things there were, etc. When we first moved to Florida, we were about 10 minutes from the beach. So mom and I took our dog and decided to go for a walk and see how long it took to get there. We just went east. We eventually ran into a canal and had to turn back. I’m not sure how that happened. Haha. All that to say, Ms. Sue decided she wanted to explore so with Micah, we drove over to Monkey River. There was a sign for it on the way to dropping the girls off back home. The sign also said it was 6 miles. It felt like 20. There were many pot holes so we had to drive slow. Ms. Sue and I got to talking  and almost didn’t see one of the BIG ones…she put the brakes on but we still hit it kind of hard…Micah popped up out of his seat, almost hitting his head on the ceiling of the van and landed in Ms. Sue’s purse. We laughed for several minutes. We were having conversations about movies. Which ones we liked and which ones not to watch. On a side note: I don’t like sad movies…really don’t. “A Walk to Remember”? Hate it. Titanic? Nope..Anyway, so we’re driving for what feels like forever and finally get to an ending spot. It didn’t say “monkey river” and there was a house and a little dock. A lady came out and talked to us. We found out that it was $35 U.S. per person to take a tour on monkey river. It seemed like a lot but they said it was about a three hour tour (not on the Minnow) up the river and hiking. Something I would’ve enjoyed. I needed to use the restroom and the only place to go was across the river on a taxi. I later found it that it doesn’t cost anything to be ferried across so I should’ve gone when I had the chance! Hind sight is always 20/20 (well, most of the time). We took a side road on the way back. It ended up being a banana plantation (Bro. Jerrel said it was called Mango River). We couldn’t turn around until we got to the processing plant. We got some weird looks from these guys. When we finally got back to Bella Vista the guys were already on the road in Gregorio’s car so we stopped and they got in the van. Since we didn’t actually go up Monkey River, I didn’t get any pictures. But I will say, on the ride out there, that we did not see one tiny animal….at all. Hopefully, I can some pictures next time we’re out there.

After all that, we drove to an area called “the Garage”. That’s where we took most of the pictures of the homes (post about Day 2 Belize). America really is spoiled. I know I said it before and will probably say it again, but it really is an eye opener to be down there.  After driving through there, we went to another banana plantation. Farm #4, which is also the largest one in the area.

We got to see how bananas are processed. Driving by part of the plantation, we saw a man covering the bananas with blue plastic. It helps them to ripen. I didn’t get a picture of it though. Another thing I don’t have a picture of is how the bananas get hauled into the processing part of the plant. They use a mule, which is not an animal, it’s a man. They put all these banana stalks, which look like this:

onto a trolley (basically, just a line system for pulling the bananas). The “mule” has a harness and pulls probably 30 stalks at a time. Difficult work. These guys might make $20 U.S. a day. They come in on the trolley like this:

There’s a guy that goes to each stalk and cuts one banana off to check if it’s in the right stage of ripening or not. Then another person would take the bunches off and throw them in a giant pool of water. It would then go to these women:

They would stand there and cut the large pieces of stalk off (so it would look like what we get in the store). They would also cut off any bananas that had a mark on them. Even a tiny spot. Those bananas would be collected and cut up to use as mulch:


After the women cut the stalks and bad bananas off they would throw them in a cleaning solution:



From there, they boxed them up. If I remember correctly, they didn’t leave for the day until they got 2500 cases packed. Here are several pictures showing how many bananas there were on the farm.


As you can see there are hundreds upon hundreds of rows…These pictures don’t do them justice. Also, forgive me if the pictures have been different sizes on each of my new posts. I’ve been experimenting with them different ways.

After going back to the camp, Bro. Jerrel went to teach Pastor School (W went) and I took a nice nap before dinner. Dinner was pork and rice. More of a Creole meal, I believe, but still tasty.




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