You Got to Seeze it to Belize it!


Ok. Here is the start of many (at least seven) posts from our days in Belize. Our flight was supposed to leave out of Birmingham at 6:30 (yep! A.M.). Jerry was dropping us and his parents off at the airport. He got to the house at 4;45….uggghh! I am not a morning person. The flight to Atlanta is pretty short and I was still pretty sleepy so I napped on the way there. I could feel my mouth hanging open while my head was drooping. I can only imagine that it was a beautiful sight. I was probably drooling too :). Our layover in Atlanta was supposed to be an hour and forty five minutes but they boarded much earlier than that. It felt like it went by pretty quickly. Our gate ended up being at the farthest concourse all the way at the end. Morning exercise, check! Also, even though I don’t like to get up in the morning, I am very much a breakfast person. So I needed something to eat. In B’ham, there was only a little breakfast thing in Pizza Hut on the way out (that should have been my first clue). The second clue should have been that they were making subway like sandwiches IN Pizza Hut. And the third, that it was breakfast stuff, not lunch. The coffee was burnt and the breakfastwich pretty much tasted like brick. Ick! So don’t get breakfast at Pizza Hut in the B’ham airport. 

The actual flight from Atlanta to Belize City was only two hours and forty five minutes. I sat next to a catholic nun that didn’t wear a habit. I was not expecting her to tell me she was a nun. She did tell me that she lived in Belize, in a city called Belmopan. We ended up driving through there to get to our location. 

We arrived in Belize safe and sound (obviously :)). It wasn’t as hot as we thought it would be getting off the plane because it had rained so much from the hurricane going near Belize. It was very muggy though. The AC on the plane as we stopped was sending vapors all along the top of the cabin. It took about an hour to rent a van to take to the Mango Creek area where we were staying. We were going to purchase a van through Mission Belize for Gregorio to have down there but it was sold to someone else the same morning we arrived. Thus the rental. We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant called Chao Sung. It’s where they eat every time they come into Belize City. Phillip said Jeri has talked about the shrimp from there for six years. By the time we rented the van and got to the restaurant, Phillip was so hungry he said the shrimp better be as good as she said or he was going to “punch her in her lying mouth”. Later he denied he meant it, that he was so delirious with hunger, he didn’t know what he was saying. Hehe!!! Jeri would have whooped him, I’m pretty sure! That phrase was probably said about 100 times or more the rest of the trip.

We came upon a building I thought was the restaurant. It was actually an internet cafe’. 


It was pretty dingy looking. Could you imagine going in there to chill out and relax?

The shrimp and fried rice were good. Not to die for :). Following the restaurant, we went to the biggest grocery store in Belize. Americans have no idea what it’s like to go without. Myself included. They had a lot of things at the grocery. But it was probably less than half the size of a Piggly Wiggly. Pretty small. Things like sugar were about 50 cents (Belize, so 25 cents American) for a 1 or 2 pound bag. Things like Welch’s grape juice was 18 dollars Belize (9 dollars for a bottle of grape juice!). We drove around Belize City a little then headed toward Mango Creek. This is one of the views going in that direction:


I can’t remember exactly what they call it but something like Man Lying Down or Old Man Lying Down. The mountain looks like a face coming from that direction. It was pretty cool. Here is another picture taken while driving:


This country is really beautiful. You will see more pictures in later posts. This guy:


was a CRAZY driver! Several time we asked him to go back for the potholes he missed. The highway was pretty beat up. When Bro. Jerrel first started going to Belize, they didn’t have paved roads. It took him 11 hours to drive what we drove in 3 and 1/2 hours. 

After stopping to check out another van and stopping at a farmer’s market, we finally got to the camp we stayed at at about 8:30. We ate dinner around 9. Our cook’s name was Darlene. She had two boys named Marlon and Jaylon. Marlon is going into 7th grade and Jaylon into 2nd. Smart boys. We had fried chicken, cole slaw and fries for dinner. Dinner was cold because we got there so late, but it was still pretty good. 

We had bunk style sleeping arrangements. 



Our cook ended up sleeping with me on the girl side (otherwise W would have stayed with me but he ended up with the guys). I slept pretty sound except for one time. I apparently had a pillow sitting on top of my stomach while I was asleep. Because it gets pretty hot down there, they keep fans in the bunkhouse. And since there were only two of us, we each had one blowing directly on us. The one time I woke up was because I felt something moving on me. I was scared to even move (all the lovely stories my beloved pastor tells me about snakes :). I finally opened my eyes to see that it was the open end of the pillow case blowing from the fan. Hehe!! After my pulse finally slowed down I went back to sleep. 



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2 responses to “You Got to Seeze it to Belize it!

  1. Nicole, you write a great story. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Max

    Great job Nicole, you’re a good blogger and looking forward to your next post.

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