One cup is just not enough…


Guten Morgen everyone! So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and I have a lot to tell about Belize and the Beach. But there is just soooo much that I don’t think it’ll make it in one post. Lots of pictures from Belize and several from the beach (I only made it to the actual beach once and that was for Lacey’s “first time” benefit so I have a few pictures of the kids). 

I am seriously dragging this morning. I stated in a previous post that I don’t have a dependence on coffee….It’s possible that was spoken in haste…or denial. Haha. I usually only allow myself one cup a day. It wouldn’t be so bad if creamer wasn’t so fattening (also mentioned before, obviously it bothers me! :)) W went to the grocery store for me a few days ago. Creamer was on the list. French vanilla. He brought back coconut cream. They’re both blue, simple mistake :). It’s actually not that bad but for some reason I always go back to french vanilla. The funny thing is, I’d prefer chocolate to vanilla any day. Something about the french, I guess. So after going from Shocco to Belize, from Belize to the beach and from the beach to babysitting full time, I’m not much fun to be around. Not because I’m a grump, but because something that should take 5 min, will take an hour. Ha. We also started Noah’s homeschooling when we got back. Add church into that and any projects I want to do (which seriously take a back seat…I mean, they need to obviously). That’s a lot. I’m not complaining. I’m actually glad we have some kind of schedule set up. 

Jack started potty training yesterday. Potty like a rock star!! This morning he went and I was soo happy!! But to counteract that, he decided to poop in the bathtub. I mean, that is just gross. I probably could have handled it a little bit better had it been solid…I know, I won’t say anymore. It’s just nasty. So, you kind of don’t even know where to start to clean all that. I just stared at it for five minutes. Noah pretty much potty trained himself. I mean, really. We took him to the potty off and on then put him in daycare (Nana needed a break and Mawmaw worked full time) and within two weeks they said to put him in underwear. He was only 2 and a half. I heard girls are much easier. I’m standing on that for when I start to train Lacey. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that right now. I do not envy my sister in law with twins (although they are girls). 

Lacey is going to be 10 mo. old tomorrow. Image

Whoa! I know “time flies” is a much used cliche’. But it really did. I should still be 20 and just married with W coming out of the Marine Corps. She is now crawling everywhere, pulling up, cruising the furniture (a little, not really sure of herself yet), and crawling up the steps. Hello baby gate!  (now I get to lift the boys over it every time they have to potty). 

So I’m catching up. The laundry is diminishing a little at a time. My house is a wreck but I can’t really clean clean until the kids go to bed (as far as mopping etc….and by then I’m ready to fall out). I have a cleaning schedule that doesn’t really get followed. But it’s getting done. Over the next few days I’ll be posting some about our trip to Belize. 

Until then…………….




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3 responses to “One cup is just not enough…

  1. pinklaw00

    I use to follow Flylady and use her cleaning schedule but I stopped a while back and I have thought about following her again.

    Alyssa was wayyy easier to potty train than Noah.

  2. Nola

    everything will get done, it just takes time and energy. sigh. but what doesn’t get done will be waiting for you! ha ha. you have a lot on your plate right now, but remember I love you and I’m praying for you! MOM

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