Finger-lickin’ Good!

Just a little ditty from our fun today!

I decided to make the boys hot dogs and spaghetti noodles for lunch. Doesn’t sound very appetizing right? I found it on Pinterest (where else?) and it looked like fun for kids. I’m not the kind of person that likes messes (not counting what my house looks like on a constant basis, different kind of messes :)) 

This is what it looked like:  


I then asked if they’d rather have ketchup (the norm) or spaghetti sauce. Surprisingly enough, it was spaghetti sauce! Yay! Points for spontaneity! (more big words, I am on a roll!). So this is what it then looked like:



My kids don’t usually like to be messy either. So I was also surprised when they said they didn’t want to use forks…They decided to use their fingers 🙂 Fun stuff! Here are the results



Oopsy Daisy!






Once you get to the finger licking, you know it’s good!! Fun points for mommy!




And here are the happy faces 🙂





And of course, the bath afterwards..hehe. They had it everywhere!!!



Love my kiddos!



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One response to “Finger-lickin’ Good!

  1. Nola

    was wondering if you’d get up the nerve to actually fixed this. looks like they REALLY enjoyed it (glad it was at your house).

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