“Hey, Superman! Come on in!”

I would like to say that I absolutely love my kids!! You never know from day to day who’s gonna say what…what they’re pretending to do. Life is full of surprises.  Our little “Lala” is crawling now. It felt like it would take forever to get here! Now I don’t know what I was thinking, hehe. I need to baby proof! At least the cleaning supplies are already under “baby lock”. Now I just need to keep shoes and fuzzies off the floor. It’s fun to watch her try to crawl on the hardwoods (suddenly having dejavu of writing in a blog when Noah was a baby saying the same thing…weird). But she slips and slides a lot unless she’s on our one single rug in the house. She can also be in a sitting position and use her feet to swivel in a complete circle. I need to video tape it.

I wish you all could hear Jack talk. He’s hilarious. Of course, it’d be funnier in person to hear what he has to say than me telling you.. But I was down in our garage (where our washer and dryer are) and as I’m coming back up the steps, Jack opens the door and “Hey, Superman! Come on in!” emerges from his little body. How could you not love a child that is so completely RANDOM?!? Noah was a lot like that when he was Jack’s age. Still is a lot like that. All three of them like to talk non-stop. They’re like a can of pringles “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!” They wake up talking and go to sleep talking. You can finally understand the majority of what Jack says. Even Lala babbles. She’s really just started gaining speed in that department, but how could she not with two brothers that invented (or rather substantiate…..why, yes!! I do use word of the day toilet paper!) the phrase “motormouth”. Only you don’t have to wind them up, they go all by themselves!

We have NINE DAYS, yes, NINE! until we leave for Belize. I’m so excited!!! Spiritually and emotionally, I am ready, set, and BOOM, already there.. but physically? As far as preparedness goes, I’m tanking big time. I’m one of those last minute packers. I know some crazies who pack a week or two in advance. I can’t do that. I’m always worried about needing what I packed, then having to go back in and get it, use it, then repack it….who wants to do that?! So, I pack the night before we go anywhere. Pretty sure that’s not the best thing to do either. Because, that is done last minute then I worry about forgetting something! OY! Maybe I just don’t need to worry about it at all :). Yes, there are Mayan villages out there, and we are going to them (at least once, if not more) but there will still be normal stores, etc. It’s just more cost effective to pack what you need before hand. We have a list of things we need to purchase before we go. T-shirts, socks, bug spray, bug spray, bug spray…and maybe one of those repellants that hang on your waste. I wonder if they work?

The next few weeks are going to be slammed for us! This coming weekend is a Sunday school convention. Come back Sunday, leave Tuesday for Belize. Come back from Belize a week later and head to the beach the day after (I know, I know, sounds much like a complaint, “poor me”. Tropical weather (no, NOT alaska!!!…if you don’t get that, I apologize. You will find that the person’s blog you are reading is much like a blond stereotype without the hair color). Off topic, I made the mistake of once calling Alaska an island. Will NEVER live that down. I constantly defend myself. I mean, when you see the United States on a map by itself…do you see anything connected to Alaska? I rest my case. I don’t spend my day staring at a world globe (although, you can bet I know where Alaska is for sure). Just don’t ask me where Turkey is (or any other place for that matter…I don’t think I could even tell you where a specific state OTHER than Alaska is on the map. This goes back to the whole “directionally challenged” thing). Maybe another time I’ll tell you about the Bob Marley episode. This also has been brought up in conversation TWICE today. Yes, twice.  So, right, a paid for convention that has daycare, hot tropical weather and the beach to boot (back on topic)? I can’t complain….I mean, really.  I can’t wait!

Sundays are a rollercoaster of emotions for me. And I mean on a weekly basis. I wake up late almost every week. Completely no one else’s fault other than my own. Perhaps I’m lazy. Ok, I’m lazy. I know, I know!!! Stop telling me I’m lazy! I HAVE to have some coffee on Sundays. I don’t rightly care if I have some any other day of the week. And it’s not even because I get a “buzz” from the caffeine or because it wakes me up (an orange will do that better than coffee but I hate the tiny pieces of peel that don’t come off. They’re a bit bitter. I know, I’m working on the picky part), but because I rarely have time to actually eat breakfast. I might grab a pack of nuts or a granola bar but generally, coffee is my breakfast. I wish I was brave enough to drink it black (a whoooollle lot less FAT) but alas, I’m not. My kids are lucky to get a banana or pop tart as we’re walking out the door (both mutually healthy, didn’t you know?) Getting the kids ready, fussing because we’re already running late and they’re not moving fast enough (what’s wrong with high expectations? i’m training him for the olympics in 15 years). W does help me. So I’m not trying to make it sound as if I do everything myself. The only thing he can’t do is get me ready and therein lies the true problem of time consumption. I mean, I need a lot of work. If you’ve ever seen me without makeup? EEeeesh. I apologize. The Word says fear is not of God. So, generally, I’m in a bad mood to start the day with. Sometimes, you just need to praise God even if through gritted teeth. Start singing with the praise music on the way to church, read some scripture…eventually, the teeth gritting will stop and you’ll just be praising the Lord because you WANT to or because your teeth hurt. If you’re not better by the time you get to service, at least by talking to people before the service.  I enjoy talking to people. Then throughout the day, I argue with myself (kinda scary, I know) on things that don’t really matter, nor should I be upset about, but do. Because that’s what I do.  Mrs W. is not just an open book but a see-through one. I can’t hide things, at all. Flesh battling Spirit.  All day. But you know? I get to hear the Word of God (“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word (Rhema Word) of God), praise the Lord in song (I personally think we have a great praise band, especially the 5’3” dirty blond singing alto)…oops, I mean, Becky is great!), spending time with friends. Thank you Adam and Sheena for lunch…twas amazing! So I try to think of the positive side of things (no one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side of things). And it ends up being a beautiful day. PTL!!!! The messages today were fantastic (as they all are). Thank you, Lord for your unending grace and mercy but most of all love.

Do I keep you on your toes? Ok, maybe not the edge of your seat. It’s not like I’m running from a giant boulder or anything. Maybe I’ll get a chance to say something before we leave for our trip. If not, stay tuned for pictures!


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  1. pinklaw00

    I am right there with you about getting to talk to people before service. Before Bradley I worked in an office and I was in Gardendale at least five days a week. Now I stay home most days and my daily social life is my children. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE it. But I look forward to getting to church early to talk to adults. I am so glad you enjoyed lunch & were able to come. We will have to do it again. Maybe we can change up whose house and all get together more often like that. I must say Jack’s voice is oh so cute!! My Noah had speech issues but it was because Alyssa always wanted to talk for him. I had to make her allow him to talk and once he was in school it improved.

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