What Does the “W” Stand For?

“What does the ‘W’ stand for” you ask? Well, it could stand for wise, wonderful, witty, wacky, weird, and the list could go on. “W” stands for Woodard. That’s me, a Woodard. You could call me a wonderfully wise, witty, wacky (not so much weird, ok, maybe so) Woodard woman and I would answer. Or you could just call me wonderfully wise and I’d answer to that too. My Husband (that would be W, just W) is a children’s pastor. The kids don’t even know my first name anymore. I’m just Mrs. W….sounds good to me!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now. I never could figure out what to call it, what to write in it or even if people would WANT to read it. That, my friends, is entirely up to you! Let’s start with a little backround:

I’m 27, married (8 years in Nov…whoot!), with three great kids!! I grew up in Maryland (W used to make terrible fun of my accent…or lack of one. Everyone has some kind right?)…Apparantly, I used to say “Dod” instead of “Dad” and “pizzah” instead of “pizz-uh”….who knew there was a difference. My entire side of the family is from MD. When I was twelve, I moved to Deerfield Beach, FL with my family so my dad could pastor a church down there. My mom started homeschooling me in the 5th grade (while still in MD and continued to do so in FL). Before that I went to an itty bitty private Christian school. Didn’t stay in contact with anyone from there so life moves on. I finally graduated from another private christian school in FL. My sister (I have two) decided to go to a Bible College where she met a good friend of mine (now my brother in law, who knew?). He came down to FL for a while and we became good friends. So when he moved, we stayed in contact. When he decided to marry, I went to his wedding…yay ROAD TRIP! There I met, the lovely Mr. W. (quite good looking too, in my opinion). “The Ugly Brothers” as their drill “instructors” so lovingly called them joined the Marine Corps (OORAH!). When I met W, he had already done a tour in Iraq. We met Dec. 19th 2003. For New Years, he decided to come hang out with the fam for the holiday because he thought we were cool (little did he know). He left for Japan on Jan 7th. So I get to go on my first trip abroad in April 2004 to Germany (not Japan…I am full of surprises). BY MYSELF! How cool is that for a sheltered 18 year old? Dad had a missionary friend out in Germany…so no, I didn’t “travel abroad” completely by myself. I did fly by myself and MAN did my arms get tired….have you ever tried to fly across the ocean? It was definitely good to have someone to show me around. Something you will learn about me is that I’m directionally challenged. Yes, it is a problem. I’d go so far as to say that I’m one of the worst directionally challenged people…EVER! “Silly girl, do you have a GPS” you ask? Haha, no way! It’s not nearly as much fun that way. So anyway, while I was in Germany (Holbraun to be exact), W starts emailing me….I had a “slight” crush on him anyway, right? Well, it’s not like I was upset about it or anything. After I get home, he calls me, from Japan on April the 19th and asks if we can date when he gets back. I didn’t date. I never dated. Didn’t know anything ABOUT dating. According to Dad, I needed one of those shirts that say “I’m not aloud to date…..ever”. So he had to ask dear old dad. Well, six months later, we’re married and I’m living in Brentwood, TN with Greg and Steph (his childhood friend married my childhood friend before we ever met…weird right?). I know I said “a little backround”….you didn’t really believe me did you? We eloped…had our wedding a year later….I could’ve said soooo much more! Now we have three little chilluns whom I adore. I’m not the most patient mommy, the cleanest cleaner or the best cook. But I do have Jesus, W, and my three babies. What more could a girl ask for?

So life continues with the W’s. Never a dull moment…ever, I mean it. I enjoy doing crafts (you’ll see some posted on here), trying new recipes (you may see good and bad ::Cheesy Grin::) but most of all I love doing what God has called me to do, be a wife and mom.

But there is more! “More” you ask? “How could there possibly be more”? The W’s are called to be foreign missionaries. We’re not sure of the exact time we’ll go but do know we’re going to Belize. In fact, we leave for a trip to Belize on Aug the 7th! I’m so excited!! This will be my first missions trip and I can not wait for the blessings and revelations God has in store for me and my hubby! This will give us a closer look of what it will be like to actually LIVE there. I have a page on facebook called “Rhema Designs”. All of it is for support of our mission trips. Either to pay for us to go, to pay for supplies while on the trip or anything else to do with mission work. Take a look if you’d like : https://www.facebook.com/RhemaDesigns2012?ref=hl

Mrs. W is like a box of chocolates…”you never know what you’re gonna get”. I could be talking about anything from the latest “craft” I’ve completed, things preparing us for missions or just something cute my kids say (which, let’s face it, happens ALL the time!). I hope you enjoy reading about me and my family!



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3 responses to “What Does the “W” Stand For?

  1. I love blogs. I actually have 3. I know a little excessive. One is about my family, one is a picture blog & one is about this summer with the kids. I have been awful about not blogging lately, but I seem to blog in spurts. I learned a lot about you. 🙂 I love the sweet story about you & W. I was telling Adam about someone I use to know who never dated anyone except her husband and how sweet it was.

  2. Janie mcCallie

    Nicole, love the blog.

  3. Erin Busby

    Love the blog!!! So excited about your trip to Belize-can’t wait to see pics when you get back!! God is really blessing you guys & it’s so awesome to see all the work!!

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