When THOSE days become His days

Preface: I haven’t slept….much. And even if I had, please bare with me as I try to gather my whirling, swirling thoughts to make enough sense.

Those days…The ones where you wake up feeling defeated before your feet hit the floor. The ones when you’re exhausted and walking around in a fog. The ones where you feel like everything is crumbling. The ones where you feel like if your self esteem takes one more hit, you may be the one crumbling.

Before I move on further, I’m going to say that feelings are not the end all be all to our likely not crumbling world. We may “feel” like God is not hearing us, not caring, or just not around. But feelings are often wrong and the truth is concrete. He does hear us, He does care, and He’s never leaving us. Still, that is not to say that feelings are insignificant either.

I struggle with writing this type of blog for the main purpose of not wanting to attract attention to myself. I don’t want to seem boastful. I also don’t like to put myself out there. I do want to let people see inside my head a little (scary, I know. I said just a little :). I want my friends and family (all 4 of you) that read my blog to know that I struggle with things but for that to be an encouragement to you and to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles. I want others to know that no matter how small and insignificant you think your problems are, they are never too small to take to your heavenly Father. I mean, compared to the pity party I’m throwing myself, there are so, so many others that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I’m just a mom, at home with her four babies, trying to clean a house, a very. messy. house. I’m trying to bring thisย in from two different perspectives here. One, for those who think their problems aren’t good (? bad?) enough to take to God. ย I say that because I struggle so much with prayer and feeling so inadequate and unworthy to go to Him. Being a mom at all is a far cry from being insignificant. Whether you have 1, 2, 4, 7 or any in between and beyond, your role as a mom, is to disciple your kids and teach them what God’s grace (love, mercy, holiness, etc) looks like. They learn it from you. They watch you. The other perspective is to keep a reigned in check on these feelings, because although they feel very real to you and me, and do matter, there are people with very real, bigger issues.

Our ladies group at church is doing a small book study, “Because He Loves Me” by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick. This next part may be long, but I feel like it says so much that we need to hear.

The Specters of Condemnation

“Because there are times when our feelings of guilt or condemnation flow out of a superficial understanding of our sinfulness, I’ve belabored the point about our failures in this chapter. Although it seems counter-intuitive, fully embracing our utter inability to keep the law will actually free us from feelings of guiltiness. For instance, when your children fail and you respond to them in an ungodly way it’s easy to beat yourself up with thoughts such as “I’m such a terrible mother.” If however, you’ve been freed from the expectation that you should be able to be a wonderful mother, your heart’s response will be:

I know that I’ve failed to be the kind of mother he wants me to be, but that’s why I need a Savior, and it’s why my kids need one, too. Thank you, Lord, that you’ve given me your perfect record, and that even though I sin, I am accounted perfectly righteous before you. Please forgive me and help me respond to this great gift you’ve given in faith and grateful obedience. I trust you to work in me.

In my own life I frequently have to pray in this way numbers of times before I can silence the dreadful harping of my proud heart. I have to remind myself over and over that his righteousness is now mine and that the way my heart harasses me is more a function of my pride and self-sufficiency than a sincere desire for godliness. If godliness before him is what I was really after, then one look at the cross and empty tomb would suffice. But I can see that I’m frequently more concerned about whether I approve of myself than the fact that he approves of me. I sinfully long to be able to look at my life and feel good about my personal accomplishments –ย See what a good mother I am! – and it’s that desire that spawns crushing guilt. The only way to silence my heart and find solace is to continually remind myself of my new identity in Christ and to be satisfied with that alone. If I try to be satisfied in my own accomplishments or identity, I’ll never know the comfort he promised. “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden,” he calls, “and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy,ย and my burden is light” (Matt. 11:28 – 30).

When I come to him in meekness and dependence, I’ll learn the difference between proud self-condemnation (which is all about me) and humble conviction of sin (which is about him, his grace, and his law). His yoke is easy; his burden is light. I can come to him and find rest for my soul, but I must come in humility and brokenness (I Pet. 5:5), (Fitzpatrick, 75).”

I know that was a big excerpt but what an encouragement! I often and currently do feel like a failure. I yell at my kids, I sass my hubby on a regular basis, among many, many other things. My feelings of failure are based on selfishness? Yes! But our love is not like God’s love. “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1-2).” I may yet be a little whiny today (coffee will be my best friend), but I can move along with the knowledge that I am God’s child, and while I fail on my own merit every single day, he looks at me through the blood of Jesus and gives no condemnation. I also love the verse about his yoke being easy and burden light because I can hear mom and dad singing the song about it in my head and it brings back nice memories. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Friday Night Shenanigans

Warning: I’m about to post several pictures of my four year old.

So tonight! The boys are off on a camping trip with the Cub Scouts and their daddy. They’re having a great time from what I’m told and I can’t wait to hear their stories and see some pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s just myself and the girls. One of my most recent favorites from Costco below ๐Ÿ™‚



As the boys were pulling out of the driveway, I asked my 4 year old (she’ll be 5 next month and my oldest just turned 10! That’s another post altogether!) if she wanted to go for a walk. The “plan” (at least my plan, pshh, who am I kidding?) was to walk around the block a couple of times and head in.We would watch a cartoon or two (the pick for this evening was Strawberry Shortcake) and go on to bed so Me, myself and myself could catch up or get ahead on some school work…..and Supernatural. Let’s be honest. Missy wanted to ride her bike so we get the helmet on and set out.


We get about twenty feet down the road and she says, “Mommy, I don’t think I can do this. Let’s go back to house.”

“Okay, do you just want to walk?”

“No, I’ll get my scootuh.”


Soo….back we go and get the scooter. This time, we got a little bit further. Literally every 5 seconds, she turned around to talk to me. Below is a sequence of pictures.


Her facial expressions crack me up! She’s so animated. I just love her so much and I never tell her enough. Or the rest of my kiddos (again, another post! I need to get back on the ball!). We made it about 50 feet (near the end of the street). She had already asked if we could go to Aunt Jenn’s and see her cousins who live down the street.

She says, “Mommy, I’m not gonna make it. We might need to go back.”

“No way, Jose’! You just have to make it to Aunt Jenn’s, then we can stop.”

5 feet…..



I’ve enjoyed my time with the little stinkers tonight. I’m also super thankful for my SIL and BIL who live down the street. It’s nice to have family close whom you can just barge in on whenever you want. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s going to be quiet tonight. And now, to go “work on my homework.”. Laters. (ignore my icky self)




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7 Minute Bingo

What is 7 Minute Bingo? I’m so glad you asked! So named by my hubby, 7 Minute Bingo is what I use to clean my house! I’ve told several of my friends about it but when I try to explain, I just get looked at like I’m crazy. (Well earned, I know, but not for this I promise!). This is by far the best way I have ever cleaned my house. It began when my friend told me about flylady.net. She has a blog about keeping your house clean. She does this bingo on Facebook sometimes but I’m rarely able to catch it right when she does it. I don’t follow her super closely but she’s very popular and has come out with some cleaning utensils that I plan on purchasing in the future. I’ll let you know how they come out!

So here’s what you do:

~ Make a numbered list of things that need to be done in your house. Below is a picture of my list.image

I made it pretty just for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually just make a list in my notes on my Iphone and put a thumbs up or star next to the ones I complete (on a side note rant, why do they not have a check mark emoji? They have poop for goodness sake…have I missed it?)

~ Pick a partner! My friend Allison and I usually take a couple of hours out of the week to play Bingo. I don’t do it nearly as much as I need to, but my house can be spotless in no time. Tell them how many items your have. If Allison’s busy and my house is that desperate, I usually get my mom to pick numbers for me ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Your partner chooses one of your numbers and you choose one of theirs. She doesn’t know what items I have. This keeps me from putting off cleaning the toilets for I don’t know how long.

~ Set the timer for 7 minutes. Work on that item and that item only for the 7 minutes. I don’t know about you guys but I have cleaning ADD something awful! I start picking up in one room, go to put that away, notice a big mess and start cleaning that up. I end up making more of a mess than I had to start with. Some items can be extensive. When that happens, I just do it twice in a row.

~ Repeat picking items until you’re finished.

You can make this as basic or detailed as you desire. If it’s spring cleaning and you need to do base boards, add that to your list (don’t look at my base boards if you’re at my house, I don’t do them :). I’ve added things as simple as carrying boxes to my garage because I usually just forget during the day. This really does work guys! It’s such a time saver! I can spend all day cleaning my house or do what I need in a couple of hours. Laundry is a completely different story. ย If there is a fun way to clean a house, (really, only crazy peopleย enjoy cleaning right?) this is it! Go try it! Right now! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Just a Little Something

So….this has to be short! I don’t have much time (don’t seem to have much these days…) I will do another post with more updates later. I just wanted to leave you this little nugget. We are homeschooling our oldest this year and this is one of the short stories we read today. Most of my followers (all 4 of them) know that I am not a crier and this got me a little teared up! The book is from “Kingdom Tales” and is full of short stories that are part of one big one. Here you go:

“A Girl Named Dirty”

“Forever and always, the Caretaker of Great Park brought those who were hurt or frightened, sick or broken to his wife, Mercie, because she was wise, and whatever she touched was made better…..

Except Dirty. Dirty refused to become better. Caretaker had found her outside Stonegate Entrance, rooting around for food after a Burner had beaten her. The child was covered with welts and bruises.

When Caretaker approached the girl, she immediately stood to her feet and shouted, “I’m Dirty! I never wash! I never cry! I’ll fight anything that raises a fist to me!” Then she fainted from her wounds and hunger.

Caretaker brought her to Mercie. But all of the old woman’s efforts could not help the girl to enjoy life in Great Park. Dirty hated the cottage. She despised the people who lived there. She thought Caretaker with his tree hat and jingling pocket was stupid. She hated Hero’s ugly scar.

“I’m not going to live with those creeps,” she declared one day as she stomped off to the barnyard to make her home with the pigs.

From that day on, she tromped in the mud and slept in the sheds. She practiced pig grunts. She learned pig calls, “Hoi-soi-soi-soi-soi!” She watched the sows give birth to litters, and made pets of the piglets. And because the pigs were gentle, she loved them.

But she refused to love people.

Another outcast was living in the cottage, a girl Dirty’s age who had a disease that made her crippled. Dirty hated the Crippled Girl because she was ugly.

“Sui! Sui!” she would say to her pigs. “How can they live with that ugly thing? Why don’t they just get rid of her?”

Dirty sat on a big sow and watched when Caretaker carried Crippled Girl on a pallet into the warm sunshine. She heard Mercie, that crone of a housewife, sing songs. Dirty made pig grunts to drown out the sound.

At first Mercie tried to persuade her to come into the cottage for meals, but she would not. then Mercie carried nourishing lunches to the dung heap where Dirty like to sit, and she ate there with the girl. Finally, Dirty refused any food from Mercie’s hand.

“I’ll eat the pig slop,” she said. “If it’s good enough for pigs, it’s good enough for me.”

finally, the wise woman and her husband decided to leave Dirty alone, The girl would have to learn that what was fine for pigs was not always right for children.

So Dirty lived in the pigpen in back of Caretaker’s Cottage and never left it – except to creep into Deepest Forest on evenings of the Great Celebration. Dirty loved to watch the dancing and singing and the feasting and the joyful fellowship. She hid herself so well, none of the subjects of the King knew that Dirty watched them on the nights when the Sacred Circle of Flames was lit.

At first, entrance, when all of the subjects became real – seemed stupid to Dirty. She had been irritated to discover that the simpering Amanda was a real princess. She had thought Amanda’s airs were all bragging. She was furious when Mercie walked through the Sacred Flames and became the most beautiful of women. She had snorted when silly Caretaker had become Ranger Commander.

What kind of tricks were they trying to pull on her?

No wonder they were happy and kind. It was easy to laugh if you were really a princess. It was easy to be king if you were really beautiful. It was a snap to be good if you had all that power.

But what if you were just ordinary and never became anything else? Life was not so easy then. Dirty hated the subjects of the Kind all the more, but for some reason she could not stay away from their Great Celebrations.

One night, Dirty hid in the hollow stump of a felled tree and watched celebrants making entrance through the Sacred Flames. Looking through the dancing fire, she could see that banquet tables were being spread with glorious foods. She had brought a dried ear of corn from the pig trough and was munching on its hard kernels.

Suddenly, she heard someone crying, “alms! Alms for the poor!” She peeked her head out of her hole and saw a beggar, all ragged and threadbare.

Too late! The beggar had seen her and was coming her way. She grunted and grunted, hoping to scare him off. He peeked into the black hollow of the stump. “Aren’t you coming to the Great Celebration?” the man asked.

Dirty climbed out. She got down on all fours and pushed her nose into the dirt. She snorted. She made a pig call, “Hoi-soi-soi-soi-hoi!”

The beggar was not fooled into thinking that she was a pig. “Come,” he said. “Come! Go through the glames with me. B my guest at the banquet table.”

Dirty looked at him. She showed her teeth. She grunted again. She said “Sui! Sui! Go with you? You’re nothing but an ugly beggar! I’d rather be with the pigs!”

The beggar touched her gently on the shoulder. Dirty drew back, but her arm felt warm where his hand had been.

“Oh, Dirty,” he said. “Don’t you know? All the subjects of the King are nothing more than ugly beggars.”

With that, he moved off. She was astonished that he hadn’t hit her with his staff or shouted, “You filth! Who are YOU to call me ugly?”

Dirty watched the beggar make entrance. She heard the Rangers salute. She saw the glad clamor of hello in Inmost Circle. She watched the beggar become real. Through the burning flames, she saw that he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was the King himself.

And he had said to her, come with me…..

At that moment, Dirty, unwashed and smelling of the pigpen, began to love the King. Longing filled her heart. She wanted to be as beautiful as he.

The music for celebration struck up. The King disappeared into the happy crowd. Dirty hid back in her hole. From her hiding place, she could see latecomers hurrying to make entrance. Far off, hastening through the forest, she spotted Mercia and Caretaker making their way toward the Sacred Flames.

As they approached, Dirty could see they were holding the Crippled Girl between their arms. They were taking her to the celebration.

Dirty wanted a better view. She scooted out of her hole to see if that ugly creature would become real. She watched as the three made the Kingdom vow. “To the King! To the Restoration!” She watched them pass through the flames.

HAH! thought Dirty. Mercia became beautiful. Caretaker became the Ranger Commander. But the Crippled Girl was still deformed.

Wait! Wait! What were Ranger commander and Mercie doing now? The people parted as they carried Crippled Girl through the crowd….toward the King!

Dirty watched as the King smiled at the Crippled Girl.She saw him bend over and lift her into his arms. She saw him cradle that stupid girl’s head against his chest. The beautiful man was holding that ugly thing! He was speaking to her.

No! No! Thought Dirty. He asked me!!!

Then, Dirty gasped. The King leaned over and kissed the girl in his arms. At his kiss, she suddenly became real. Her body straightened. She was lovely and shining.

It could have been me, thought Dirty. If only I had not been so piggish. If only….

Dirty was filled with rage. “Sui! Sui! You stupids! You stupids!” but she was really angry with herself. The girl crawled off into the night squealing. Back to her pigs she went, b ack to the only things she had let herself love.

the next morning, Dirty sat on the dung heap and watched Caretaker carry the Crippled Girl into the warm sunlight.

Hah! she thought. Sui! Sui! She’s still an ugly cripple.

But wait! – the Crippled Girl was singing. The pig girl crept out through the gate so she could examine the Crippled Girl more closely.

Hearing a sound, the Crippled Girl turned her face to look at the crawling girl. Her face was as beautiful as it had been when the King kissed her! Even Dirty knew that no on could possibly think the girl ugly once you had looked into her face. It shone.

So that’s what happens when you are kissed by the King, thought Dirty. She remembered the warm, gentle touch of his hand.

The though of going back to the pigs was awful now. The thought of mud was terrible. The thought of living in the shed, of eating slop, was horrible. Dirty would have given them all up for one more chance to say, “Yes, I’d love to be your guest….”

But it was too late. She had become more of a pig than ever. He would never love her, never kiss her.

When Dirty discovered she was crying in front of the girl with the shining face, she an into the forest. It took days for Caretaker to find her. When he did, she had clean hands and a clean face. Her hair and nails had been washed in Lake Marmo. Her clothes had been scrubbed in a nearby stream. But she was still crying.

Caretaker lifted her into his arms with a sound of jingling, and carried her, as he did all wounded things, to Mercie.

Mercie was delighted. “Why, who is this?” she asked.

“I-I’m D-Dirty,” the girl answered between sobs.

“But you’re all clean,” said Mercie, meaning to be kind.

“No, no!” the child sobbed all the more. “I’ve washed and washed, but I’m still dirty. I’m all pig inside. The King will never love me. It’s too late!”

Mercie shook her head knowingly. “We shall see what the King has to say about that.”

So Merice took the pig girl to the Great Celebration. Rangers stood watch all around the outer rim of the Circle of Flames. Dirty pulled on the cloak of one and asked, “Is the beggar coming tonight?”

When the tall man shook his head no, her heart sank.

Dirty followed Mercie, who had stepped into the fire. The heat seared the pig girl’s heart.

She felt as though everything inside of her was being burned. The girl screamed, and Mercie put her arms around her. She whispered, “Don’t be afraid. The pain is only for a moment.”

“It’s no use! It’s no use!” Dirty Cried. “The King is not coming! He is the one I must see. No one else can make me….clean.” With that the two passed through, and the girl looked up into the unspeakable beauty of the young Mercie, whose long, black hair now brushed her waist.

Mercie took the girl’s hand. “Let me tell you a wonderful secret,” she said. “All the people of the Kingdom know it. It is one of the first lessons they must learn. The King does not have to come in order for us to see him. He is always present.”

Dirty stopped crying. She looked at Mercie. “I don’t understand what you mean”.

“Listen.” said Mercie. Sh held her finger to her mouth for silence. “Listen and you will hear him speak. Be Still. He has something to say to you.”

Dirty wiped her tears. She closed her eyes and listened as hard as she could.

Yes, there was something. She could hear someone speaking. It was the voice of the Beggar King. He was saying, Come, come with me. Be my special guest at the banquet table.

Dirty kept her eyes closed.ย His special guest….She could feel something pouring over her It flowed down through her, starting with her head, then behind her eyes, all through the knots and gnarls of her insides. It was warm. It was gentle. It was fluid.

Mercie whispered, “It’s kingslove, Dirty. Kingslove.”

Dirty could hear the voice again. Th King was laughing. Then he stopped. He said, “I’m so glad you’d rather have me than your pigs.”

The warm flood had reached her toes. Dirty felt as if she were being held by the King, just like the Crippled Girl. She felt his kiss. Mercie was right: you did not have to see the King to be surrounded by the power of his love.

Dirty heard music. The violinists and the harpists had began to play. It was time for the dance, which began the celebrations. She had watched it many times from the outside. Now she was in the middle. All the subjects joined hands in one huge circle.

Dirty wanted to dance. She wanted to sing and shout. She turned to Mercie. “The Kingย does love me! I’m clean! I’m clean! The King has made me clean!”

Mercie took her hand and drew her into the circle of dancers within the Sacred Flames. Someone took her other hand. The musicians began the beat. The girl knew the dance would begin slowly, then build, that the circle would turn in perfect order, then move faster and faster and faster.

She knew the dance steps. She had watched them many times. But she didn’t know the subjects would all sing her song. From all around the dancing circle it rose:

I’m clean! I’m clean!ย 

The King has made me clean!

She’s clean! She’s clean!

The King has made her clean!

And the circle moved faster and faster and faster. The subjects of the King sang and danced, rejoicing. But no one sang any louder or danced any harder than Dirty, who had become Cleone, the clean one.

So the pig girl left her pigs for the sake of One she loved. And she became the clean one, who had a tender place in her heart for all things ugly because she knew a King who could find something beautiful in every garbage heap.

I know this seemed quite obvious with the girl being dirty and the pigs. It fits in right along with all of the other short stories (about a juggler, a hero, and the list goes on.) I hope it touched you like it touched me. I’m so glad the King has made me clean!

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Tough Decisions

First, I would like to point out that typing on a keyboard with a brace on your arm is no simple task! There will likely be lots of typos or this will take me a very long time ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I last wrote, I broke my arm. I think most of my readers (I talk like I have so many :)) know that I did. Two days before Christmas! Oh how frustrating! I was working out at the fitness boot camp I go to and rolled my ankle. When I did I landed on my wrist and it created a pressure break. I was in denial (not “The Nile” teehee) while I waited to have it looked at. There was no way! Yep, there was a way. It’s called falling and landing on your wrist while a giant rubber band is around your waste making your fall a little more forceful ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to be clear though, it was my stepping wrong, not the rubber band that caused my fall. I’m counting down the days I can go back to my beloved boot camp. You should come with me, it’s amazing. I’m supposed to be working on my nutrition while I’m out but lets just say I am a little short on will power when it comes to food. Ok, a lot short, but I’m working on it, haha.

We have a new vehicle! When I wrote last we were borrowing my mom’s again. ๐Ÿ™‚ We weren’t able to find a vehicle in our “cash” range that wasn’t a piece of junk so we ended up with payments. Boo. But it’s a nice vehicle, a van. And it came with some fun stuff we didn’t even realize. I like exploring when you get a new car. The littles like it because it has a DVD player in it. That was one thing I looked for because we drive most of the time when we go on a vacation so it’s easier to keep them occupied. And quiet ๐Ÿ™‚

We also accepted the Pastorate at the church we did the interim at. This was our tough decision. Along with raising kids and having every day life decisions :). I balled like a baby the day we left for our interim. From my end, there was a hope that we would end up back at Waterstone. It’s hard for anyone to give up relationships they have. People will always have good intentions of staying in touch. But for the most part, even on my end, it’s difficult to do that. Life happens. But I think I knew we wouldn’t as much as I tried to deny it. Our people at West Point are great. I have no complaints and I hope anyone that reads this sees my heart here. I don’t submit to change easily. We went back and forth on this decision. Every day leaning toward the opposite direction. I am so thankful I have a husband that cares about my feelings when it comes to decisions like this. We both prayed that God would show us an answer. We got our answer the night we went to visit Waterstone. Pastor is an amazing man of God who always preaches The Word. That night was no different ๐Ÿ™‚ The message was about being part of the Vine, in Christ. That sometimes, we need to be pruned. While painful at the time, it gives room for growth. We left there both knowing what God had told us. That we needed to give up Waterstone so we could grow in Christ. The next morning my eyes were puffy for the knowledge of what I was giving up. It hurt. But I know that the relationships I have at West Point will grow just as strong. In Christ, there is no lack. Our experiences will help us grow in maturity and in Spirit. IN HIM. Besides, I think my new pastor is pretty hot ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is going to be a fun ride ๐Ÿ™‚

Nico's Ipics 035

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Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This…



Sooo, everybody has them. The days where you wake up late, rush the kid to school. Come back and everyone is in a bad mood because they’ve had to rush around. Before the hubs leaves for work, another kid is getting a spanking. The kids don’t want to listen all day long, you get told you’re a bad mom because you were trying to be silly. (They’re little and don’t always understand so you have to show them some grace there but those comments still sting a little). They’re whining and complaining about every little thing they have to do or that mommy does for them. No thankfulness shown whatsoever. (Wow, is this what God feels like?!) The house is a wreck and you don’t even know where to start. Lots of clothes to wash, dishes in the sink, clutter everywhere…toys also everywhere. Just wow. When a day like this is happening, the first thing you should do is sit down….k, I’ve done that. Take a breather. Okay. Talk to your Daddy. Pray that you can show grace and mercy to your kids the same way He shows them to you. James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth (to reproach or chide) not; and it shall be given to him.” Pray for wisdom! He’s not going to discipline us for asking for wisdom! That you’ll make the right decision regarding your kids (or anything for that matter). We love our kids, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spank them. When we do discipline (not punish) we should do it in love. Sometimes that means you just need to take a breath so you’re not smoking out of your ears when you talk to you children. I started writing this post out of frustration. I didn’t take the time to sit down and pray as I should have. Prayer should be our first response to anything shouldn’t it? We don’t always do it, though. Jesus says that He leaves HIS peace with us! The peace that passes understanding. Thank you Daddy for your ever-present, unending grace and mercy but most of all YOUR love!! I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling a lot better! ๐Ÿ™‚


So, since my last post about knowing that my husband (Dubs) is a preacher, we have been offered a position in a church. It’s amazing how God works. Currently, we are considered interim. We want to make sure that they are sure they want us ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t lie that I’ve had a hard time leaving Waterstone. I love the people there. I miss them. And the people here are really great. As with any new friendship or any kind of relationship, it’s takes some time to know people. My husband can talk to anyone about anything for any amount of time. It’s a gift…at least I feel like it is. For me it’s a little more difficult. Once I get there though, you can’t really get me to be quiet. So I am a preacher’s wife. I have lots of learning to do, that is for sure!ย 

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance . Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. The Bible says we WILL face tribulation. This isn’t a maybe kind of thing. Our family recently went through one of these. It didn’t really affect the kids so much because they don’t really know what’s going on. We found out in Sept that we were expecting. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world and we found out in Oct that we miscarried. We know that our Daddy works all things out for our good. It was emotional and sad but there are also good things to realize when this happens. One, to realize that we already have 3 blessings that God has given us. Often more than I feel I can handle at times although I realize that’s not true ๐Ÿ™‚ We are healthy people and nothing can stop us from having another one. There were circumstances leading up to this pregnancy that made it a possibility for miscarriage. Another is that leaving our home church and people familiar and going through a pregnancy may have been really difficult for me. Very emotional at least, so as far as “the best time”, maybe this wasn’t it. Another thing is that the procedure I had to have was paid for. What a blessing and relief to know that God is looking out for us and found a way to provide for this. Whatever the reason (which we won’t know) we DO know that we ARE blessed, in all things. I didn’t bring this up for people to feel bad for us, or anything. Mainly to show what has been happening in our lives. I’m sure this put a somber note on things so let’s just get it peppy again ๐Ÿ™‚


Our family is on the last birthday of the season…whoot! I love to throw parties, but they do wear me out! Haha. This last birthday is also a week after our Anniversary. I’m thankful for friends who are willing to keep our three barbarians, I mean angels, so we can go somewhere for the night. Little bit’s birthday was a success last month I think. We had a birthday in Paris with a little photo booth and accessories. Lots of fun. We also had a ninja turtle birthday in Sept. We attempted to make a big pizza cake out of cupcakes but when that fell apart, we decided to make miniature ones. They turned out cute. This next one will be Despicable Me. He loves the minions ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure our friends are ready for us to stop having parties. Never fear! The end is in site!! Next year we won’t be doing anything huge like the decorations, etc. The money does add up!ย 

The most recent thing to happen was our car breaking down. It really was a God thing, at least how it happened. We were to be going to the movies to meet our friends and going to get some food before hand. Little Caesar’s has a lunch special for 4 pieces of deep dish with a 20 oz. No, I didn’t need to be eating it (hopefully Romen isn’t reading this :)). Anyway, Dubs asked if I wanted to get some near the movie theater or closer to where we live. I said the latter. We got on the interstate after getting said pizza and before getting to the next exit, our engine started clunking. My parents happened to be on the exit behind us…what a coinkidink (is that how you spell that?). They came to get us and their car wouldn’t start. So the guy that came to tow our explorer, was able to get them jumped off. Theirs is a battery issue we think. We ended up slinging a rod out of our engine, leaving a gaping hole. We were sent a picture..pretty crazy looking. So it looks like we’ll need to get a new vehicle! Unexpected but it’ll get figured out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankful my parents have a vehicle for us to borrow while we’re searching for one. Otherwise, we’d be in some trouble.ย 

You can always count on some kind of craziness from us. We are crazy people. And now I leave you with a picture of my fall turkey wreath. Cause I just think it’s cute….and seasonally festive ๐Ÿ™‚



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Mrs. W, the Preacher’s Wife?


Ok, so, wow, I have lots to talk about! I guess that’ll happen when you’ve gone so long (sorry Grams!) BUT when you have so much going on, blogging tends to take a back seat…unless that’s part of what’s going on. Anyway!


So I was gonna post a bunch of pictures, like of the wreath Iย finally finished for summer (it’s mid-ish July…that’s not TERRible). Pictures of the kids this summer and all that. But, I’m on my laptop and those pictures aren’t on here. Sorry. Maybe next time ๐Ÿ™‚


I get on Pinterest a lot! (Those who know me are always hearing me say “I found this thing on pinterest :)). I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m the Pinterest “Queen” BUT maybe a lady in waiting. I’ve tried to cut back because I do have kids, and a dog (she’s new, forgot to mention her ๐Ÿ™‚ and housework, etc. PLUS all the pre projects I’ve already got a list of. The more I get on Pinterest, the larger my list gets! Eeee…so that’s slowed down a lot. Now when I pull it up, it’s mainly to look up something I’ve already pinned (So I say). All that to say, I found this thing on Pinterest, haha…short and sweet. You always have a load of clothes being washed that has SOMEthing in it that can’t be dried, or you need to see if a stain got washed out before you dry, etc. How about writing it on your washer with a dry erase marker? How genius is that? Next load, erase and make your note, or don’t make a note. I’m kinda scatterbrained (I said kinda, no laughing mom :)) so it helps me remember, so I don’t dry something I’m not supposed to!ย 


We’ve had a lot happen. The new pup (Magnola, Maggie for short)…if I can find a picture, I’ll try to post it. Dubs started back to work full time. He’s really enjoying his job and I’m glad. It is fulfilling to know you’re in God’s will and that HE is providing for us, but at the same time as head of the house and just plain being a man, he feels a lot better knowing God is using him to help provide. I do miss the food at Chik Fil A! Who am I kidding?! We still eat there all the time. Ha! I’m currently doing a 24-Day Challenge by Advocare so I get their grilled nuggets a lot! Simply grilled in salt and pepper and no need for sauce. Unfortunately, I can’t have the fries but their salads are good too. So Dubs did a revival back at the end of June. As I’m sitting there watching him preach, I think to myself, “Wow! Look at him up there. Completely in his element. It’s obvious what he’s been called to do.” Now I am a totally different story. Wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “ready” to be a preacher’s wife, but oftentimes, I’m not “ready” to do things and end up having to just jump in. (For instance, the fact that I love to sing and DO sing in our praise team at church (with several others) but when it’s my turn for a solo, whoa…NOT ready!) I know where my place is and where he goes I will go. It’s that simple. I think it’s all those pre-existing notions of “what’s expected” from a preacher’s wife that I’m freaked out about. And I still think of myself as 21 ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’m wayyyy too young! It’s not like it’s gonna happen tomorrow. Dubs is still the children’s pastor and doesn’t feel lead to give that up just yet, but it’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll be ready by then ๐Ÿ™‚ or not.ย 


Speaking of feeling old…..huh? The hubs and I had a chance to go to Six Flags (over Georgia) on July 5th. What a treat! We both love roller coasters and all that. We found a sitter for the youngins (because a 6 yr oldย canย ride some rides, but not enough to pay 40 bucks for his ticket! and a 3 and 1 yr old would just be hot and miserable and so would we because we’d have to sit with them while the other went on the ride…ok, I’m done trying to make myself feel better :)). The day held a 60 – 80% chance of rain!! We decided to still go. Got there just as the park was opening and started around the park. Itย barelyย rained…not enough to shut the rides down but enough to keep it cooler outside. Much appreciated! The Batman is a fun roller coaster but we always come off of that one a little dizzy. I at least, feel like I’m walking sideways. That was the third one (roller coaster) we road. We had already hit the Dare Devil Dive and Goliath (best one…lots of hills but no loops). Smooth, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ For some INSANE reason, we decided to get on the Scream Machine. I think my eyes were watering when we got off that thing. Dubs said his chest hurt. It’s one of those old wooden roller coaster (opposite of smooth). It beat the MESS out of us! We road the Superman. Which, for a roller coaster is pretty genius. They strap your legs in (as well as your harness) and tip you forward like you’re flying. Pretty cool huh? That was lots of fun. Then you have the 60 seconds of hanging that way waiting to get off the thing. I was sweatin! Ha. After eating lunch and riding more rides, etc, etc, the skies opened up around 5 and it poured! We had just ridden the Grand River Rapids (if it’s actually called that) and were the ones under the waterfall….how does that always happen?! ๐Ÿ™‚ so we were already drenched. It didn’t bother us to walk around out there but the rides were shut off. We had a great day just spending time together! Pretty much road all the rides we wanted to. Wait times were awesome. But after feeling like we’d let someone beat us up with a baseball bat, we decided to get something for the kids and walk back to the car. Very thankful! But wow, did I feel old!ย 



Here she is! She’s really little here and gotten a lot taller. Part Warlock Doberman (half Dobie, half Rotty) and part Terrier. We don’t know how big she’ll get. She is cute but I’m not very patient. Especially when it comes to potty training. But the kids love her of course ๐Ÿ™‚ And this is the first dog that Dubs really likes.ย 


Adieu! Until next time ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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